Laurel Homes

Enduring Quality, Traditional Style and Values
Since 1997, Laurel Homes, Inc. has built fine homes for clients who treasure the traditional neighborhood values that distinguish Menlo Park and Atherton. As long-time residents, Tom & Kimberly LeMieux participate in community efforts to improve our neighborhoods while preserving their character. Laurel Homes is proud to design and build quality homes that honor this heritage.

Integrated Services from Start to Finish
From land acquisition, through design and building, to completed landscaping and interiors, Laurel Homes' integrated approach dramatically simplifies the process of creating a new home. Laurel Homes also offers portfolio homes, enabling you to move in sooner.

An Extensive Team of Experienced Professionals
Under the leadership of Tom & Kimberly LeMieux, principals of Laurel Homes, Inc., the myriad details of each Laurel Homes project are coordinated to assure that your ideal home is achieved on time and within your budget. Directing many of the necessary background tasks, Kimberly is your main point of contact from the beginning of your project through completion.

Every Laurel Homes property is a custom residence, designed to capture your vision and render it in an elegant, enduring style that is based on classic proportions. When you choose to build a Laurel Homes residence, you work with Steve Simpson of SDG Architecture throughout the design phase of the project.

Your Laurel Homes design is translated into three dimensions by John and Pat Gercon of Adcon Builders, our building team, founded in 1985 and leading contractors with tremendous experience in high-end commercial and residential projects. The Adcon builders work closely with you, Steve Simpson, and Kimberly LeMieux to fine-tune choices and deliver a completed home to your satisfaction.

Landscaping contributes powerfully to your personal serenity and the overall aesthetic value of your home. Mara Young, landscape architect, helps make your home's surroundings as lovely and inviting as its interior. Working with you to create the space that nurtures you and your family, Mara incorporates her extensive "four-season" garden expertise into classic outdoor features tailored to your lifestyle, plant preferences, and the home's design aesthetic.

Finally, Kimberly LeMieux's interior design expertise is also a key ingredient of every Laurel Homes project, as her pure approach and classic style is applied to specifications for the colors, materials, and finish details that make each home fresh and uniquely yours.

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